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Welcome to Our Home, Middlegate Station! LET US TAKE YOU ON A TOUR!

Family owned and operated by FIVE generations

Fredda our Matriarch and well loved whip cracker. She bought Middlegate 30+ years ago and has worked hard to make it what it is today. She also invented The Monster Burger. So for all those who have done the challenge, win or lose, you have her to thank for that.

Russ and his mom Ms. Betty. Russ is our everything handyman, who keeps things working (mostly), and is Fredda's other half. Ms Betty is our spoiled, well loved grandmother and at the top of the 5 generations that live and work here.

Carol-Lynn and Savannah, Carol-Lynn is part owner, Fredda's daughter, Travis's mom, dinner cook, Rock-hound enthusiast, amazing jewelry maker and grandmother to Savannah and Brayden. Savannah is Brayden's little sister.

Carol-Lynn with her husband Mike. Mike helps Russ keep us running (mostly). And is one funny guy when he tells a story.

Travis and his fiance' Cheyenne with son Brayden, daughter Savannah and pooch Chewy. Travis is Fredda's grandson

Breakfast and lunch cook and father of the year several years running.

 Derrick is our local Asian food specialist and makes killer tacos. He makes his own sauces from scratch. Yummy!  

Danielle is Derricks' lady love, and our secret double agent ( Jaunita) as she works in the restaurant, and is our lovely, bubbly, fabulous motel caretaker  



J.J, Quiet as a mouse,

runnin' 'round the house.

Little Ms. Haley,

obsessed with her own unique and fun style. And she comes with a sense of humor

 Lori, breakfast and lunch cook and motel extraordinaire

Misty and Oral, Misty cooks, helps with ordering and bookkeeping. And is our web-designer. (Scary I Know, I can barely operate my phone).

Oral, he seems strange and scary but anyone who knows him knows he is harmless. He is our jack of all trades. He helps around the property.

Paul "The Boogie Man Smith" Our Local 1 man show, most times.

Meet Melissa, she cooks and bar-tends and loves to make jell~o~