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Welcome to Our Home, Middlegate Station! LET US TAKE YOU ON A TOUR!

Family owned and operated by FIVE generations


1/3 LB Angus Beef on a grilled bun, served with pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, fry sauce (Unless Otherwise Requested or Described Below) and fries. Make it a Double $4.50, Sub Onion Rings $2.00, Add Bacon or Pastrami $2.00, MUSHROOMS $1.00 Jalapenos $1.00 Extra Cheese $.75 Cheese Options: American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper-Jack and Ghost Pepper for those who Like it HOT! 

1) Hamburger: The Original that we are Famous for = $9.95

2) Mushroom Swiss: Mayo, Saute'd Mushrooms and Melted Swiss = $10.95

3) Cheese Burger: Your choice of cheese plus all the veggies = $10.75

4) Bacon Cheese Burger: Your choice of cheese, bacon, and all the good stuff = $11.75

5) Western: Comes with bacon, cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce on it = $11.95

6) Sourdough Melt: Grilled peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and fry sauce on grilled sourdough = $10.95

7) Patty Melt: Grilled onions, swiss cheese, fry sauce on grilled rye = $10.95

8) Veggie Burger: A grilled vegetable, grain patty fry sauce and all the veggies listed above = $8.95

Feeling Really Hungry? Why not give THE MONSTER CHALLENGE a try! Over 4 LBS of food with all the fixings. There are some rules that come with it, you get those when you order it and a T- Shirt if you finish it = $19.95

Stay tuned for the Monsters EVIL Twin, THE FIRE MONSTER!..... Ghost Pepper Cheese, Jalapenos, and Texas Reaper Sauce served with habanero seasoned fries. EVIL, WE KNOW! HAHAHA

Due to our price increases through our distributors, we have decided to cancel our dinner menu instead of charging steakhouse prices. We apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully things stabilize soon, thank you for your understanding.

Call for details (775)423-7134) or visit us on Facebook