Welcome to Our Home, Middlegate Station! LET US TAKE YOU ON A TOUR!  
                  Family owned and operated by FIVE generations


1/3 LB Angus Beef on a grilled bun, served with pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, fry sauce (Unless Otherwise Requested or Described Below) and fries.  Make it a Double $3.00, Sub Onion Rings $2.00, Add Bacon or Pastrami $2.00, MUSHROOMS $1.00 Jalapenos $1.00 Extra Cheese $1.00                                     Cheese Options: American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper-Jack and Ghost Pepper for those who Like it HOT! 

1) Hamburger: The Original that we are Famous for = $8.95
2) Mushroom Swiss: Mayo, Saute'd Mushrooms and Melted Swiss = $9.95
3) Cheese Burger: Your choice of cheese plus all the veggies = $9.75
4) Bacon Cheese Burger: Your choice of cheese, bacon, and all the good stuff = $10.75
5) Western: Comes with bacon, cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce on it = $9.95
6) Sourdough Melt: Grilled peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and fry sauce on grilled sourdough = $9.95
7) Patty Melt: Grilled onions, swiss cheese, fry sauce on grilled rye = $9.95
8) Veggie Burger: A grilled vegetable, grain patty fry sauce and all the veggies listed above = $8.95
9) Atkins Style: 1/3 lb Burger, bacon and cheddar cheese on a salad, and fry sauce on the side (No Bun Or Fries) = $8.95

Feeling Really Hungry? Why not give THE MONSTER CHALLENGE a try! Over 4 LBS of food with all the fixings. There are some rules that come with it, you get those when you order it and a T- Shirt if you finish it = $19.95


1) Flat Iron: Special Thick Cut, served with salad, garlic toast and choice of potato = $14.95

2) T-Bone: Served with salad, garlic toast and choice of potato = $14.95

3) Salmon Steak: Grilled to perfection with steamed vegetables and choice of potato = $14.95   


      AND DON'T FORGET EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT WE HAVE A DIFFERENT                                                     SPECIAL STARTING AT $14.95

                                                       Call for details (775)423-7134) or visit us on Facebook